About Us



We have a unique space taking over a former car dealership. Behind our 4 garage doors we have our mat area where we hold our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Krav Maga classes. On the other side of our building is our fitness area. Complete with everything you need to get a full body workout in. We have machines, dumbbells, kettlebells, cardio equipment, and racks. This is where we run our fitness bootcamp classes. Separating these two areas is our front desk/reception area which includes a fridge for drinks, a coffee station, and place for announcements.


Gemini Fitness & Combat

We provide a tailored coaching approach to individuals. Everyone has a unique story and unique journey. We want to encourage that with our people. Our goal with our training is to encourage, teach, and build confidence in people. Through those things they will have all the tools to accomplish whatever fitness goal they have. We teach behavior goals which ultimately lead to achieving your outcome goal. Our goal is to constantly grow and challenge members when they come in. Our goal is not stagnation but constant and steady growth and development. We do that by challenging members both physically and mentally through our workouts and training programs. It’s like the saying goes, if you don’t grow together, you grow apart. We are a fitness based community building a culture of support, growth, and self development. We want to create an environment where people feel safe and can come in and have a support system.


TJ Steinebach

Owner/Head BJJ Coach

I have been wrestling and grappling since 8th grade (20 years). I was a member of the 2021 USA Grappling team and competed with them in Serbia. 


David Banko

Owner/Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

I have been involved in sports and fitness since I was 5 years old. Playing sports growing up gave me the passion for fitness and I was able to make it a reality in 2016 when I left his accounting job to pursue a career in fitness.